Hurricane Michael

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A broken dock, a twisted fence, no sign of a house. Not once nor twice. Commonplace. Telephone poles missing for miles. Weeks before power is restored. Stores closed, no gas, no way to cook, no fan or air conditioning, no water or way to flush the toilet. This is but a glimpse of the devastation of Hurricane Michael. The surreal sight continues for fifty miles in both directions.

Tonight as we say our prayers in the comforts of our homes, may we remember the tremendous need of so many on the panhandle of Florida?

I am but one person, you might say? What can I do? You can use your time, talents and treasures to help many who lost everything, perhaps even family and friends. How many victims are there I wonder who may not even know the hope that lives within us?!
What can I do???

Pray. Give of yourself in His service. Visit the Get Involved tab. Your sacrifice, no matter how small, will bear an eternal reward.

Thank you!

Present needs for Hurricane Michael victims:

  • Prayer for God’s provision!! Our biggest need is warm bodies willing to help; after so many responded to Florence it is more difficult to recruit now…
  • Teams to help out! Chain saw teams, Flooding/mud-out teams, older volunteers unable to lift to serve on prayer and counseling teams.  We need many volunteer teams staggered weekly but unlike Conway Michael caused more destruction with little flooding.
  • Gallons and cases of bottled water
  • Lots and lots of Non-perishable food with paper towels, toilet paper and saniwipes for each care bag
  • Lots and lots of Empty care bags- we have used over 1000 donated by Publix and need a new source as it takes weeks to wade through the donation process with them.
  • Cleaning supplies in small buckets: small Clorox, Mr. Clean, sponge, rags, Clorox wipes, small brush, liquid soap, etc.
  • Manual can openers, Baby supplies, Depends
  • Boxes of Bibles
  • Tarps to cover leaking roofs

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