Irma Ministry Testimonies

Praise from Bishop Neil Lebhar

From: Bishop Neil Lebhar
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5:59 PM    To: Smith Ric    Subject: Re: Flagler Estates Summary

Dear Ric:

This is amazing. I met some of the team at Redeemer yesterday. What dedicated brothers and sisters!!

Thank you for all you have done to make this happen!! I thank the Lord Jesus for all of you!

In Jesus the Messiah,

The Rt. Rev. Neil G. Lebhar

The Irma Relief team and grant from ARDF has allowed my family to get our home put back together from the damage caused by Irma without having to deal with the hardship of a long term financial burden.  Had it not been for the assistance from ARDF, IrmaRelief, GAD Disaster Relief we would have had to struggle with finances to repair the damage IRMA caused.  That burden would have taken years to overcome due to being a retired Navy vet - with only a small retirement pension and social security as our only income. 

I can’t thank you Ric, IRMA RELIEF / GAD Disaster Relief and ARDF enough for all the blessings you all have provided!

Wade Fallen

USN Retired


On Jan. 9th, 2018 Barbara Gonzalez wrote:

Hurricane Irma damaged my roof, the ceiling, floors, my fence, outside and inside walls, even the electric in my walls. 

Almost three months after Irma, my house was still darkened by the plywood on the windows and doors.  You can imagine the effects it had on my family, without the tools, means or know-how on how to fix these things; darkness was taking a toll on our family.

The pastor to my church, the Rev. Jorge Finlay called the day after Christmas and told me he was going to pass by with some visitors.  During that visit I was blessed to have met Ric Smith and his wife, Anna. I learned Rev. Ric is the Coordinator of Disaster Relief in the Gulf Atlantic Diocese and Director of IrmaRelief.faith.

Father Jorge said, Barbara, you remember all the people you help in the name of Christ? Your prayers have been answered!  These people want to help. Ric asked if he could pray with me? He said, “Dear Jesus, thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed on so many through your servant Barbara. I ask you to bless her now for her faithfulness from your riches in Glory.”  Then he asked, Barbara, would it be alright if we help you now, in your time of need? I burst into tears, and couldn’t find my voice to say ok or thank you?!  They gave me a hug and prayed with me again.

In the next few days Ric contacted Home Depot to send a roofing and electrical contractor to my home. On Friday Ric and Flip (serving on the mission team from South Carolina) showed up to take down the plywood letting light back into my home! They repaired my front gate, took photos, of all the damage, moved several items, placed the plywood in my shed and built a set of shelves for me. On Saturday Stephen and John showed up to fumigate my shed and replace the rotted and missing door trim.

Our many prayers were answered!!  They were kind, gentle and eager to help.  Though I just met them they all made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the jar. 


St Johns Parish from Johns Island, SC went through Hurricane Hugo in 1998 and we know the struggle to get back to normal. When Hurricane Irma came through Florida, Georgia and SC we felt we needed to help our brothers and sisters in Florida.

We contacted ACNA and where referred to Rev. Ric Smith Director of Irma Relief based in Jacksonville. Wanting to bring our youth we planned a trip down Dec 28 – Jan 2 to Miami to help Jorge Finley and Christ the King Anglican Church fix a Rectory house for future Irma Relief trips. Ric, Jorge, Tommy and Christ the King, removed the tree that fell on the house, had the roof and ceiling repaired, cleaned the house, replaced the kitchen appliances, repaired the AC and turned on the water heater before we arrived. We came in and cleaned the floors, walls and painted the inside of the house, often with three coats of primer. We also upgraded the electrical outlets, lights and fans that needed repair. Worked on the windows and cleaned up the back yard. It is now ready for other mission teams to stay and work in the community. 

We helped 1 family remove hurricane plywood still covering her windows and replace a damaged utility door. On Saturday afternoon Jorge and Christ the King took us out kayaking on Biscayne Bay at sunset, we got to the see Miami’s lights from the bay. Sunday we joined Christ the King for services. There is much to do in Miami, please contact Rev. Ric Smith Director of Irma Relief for opportunities to help. You can call him at 706-329-4553 or use the contact form on IrmaRelief.faith.

For us it was a 12 hr car ride each way and everyone pitched in and worked hard and long hours, we also got out kayaking and were treated to several meals at local restaurants. We were blessed by Ric and his wife Anna supporting us and Jorge and his congregation of Christ the King welcoming us. We would all do it again because we were blessed by what we accomplished and meeting and sharing with our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Stephen Haynsworth

Mission Team Leader

St. Johns Parish Church

St. John’s Island, SC

Our Church, All Souls, has supported the Irma Relief ministry since its inception, and we are glad for the opportunity. 

Anytime the church leaves the building it’s like getting off the bench to get in the game, and the whole church team was able to get involved. Some gave, some prayed, a good number of them picked up donations, then organized and distributed them into Care Bags to be given out to Hurricane victims. Others went to the sites for ministry – either to do the physical cleanup work or to be available to talk, to listen, and to pray with those who had lost so much. Still more of the congregation offered to host volunteers or those who couldn’t stay in their own homes. It was common focus for the whole congregation. When people get in the game by not just listening to the Word, but doing what it says, good things happen; they will be blessed in all they do (from James 1:22-25). And our congregation has been blessed in the doing.

Thanks be to God!

The Rev. Brook Batchelor

All Souls Anglican Church

4042 Hartley Road

Jacksonville, FL 32257




CMJ (The Anglican Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People) counts it a privilege to be a supporting partner in the Irma Relief work that ARDF is funding.  As most everyone knows, Florida and especially South Florida has one of America’s largest Jewish populations.  Often the gentile world assumes that if Jewish people face a crisis they do not need our help.

As disciples of Jesus, the Messiah of the Jewish people, that attitude short circuit’s our ability to show the love of Jesus to his Jewish people. In fact, it is this kind of caring in the face of crisis that can make Jesus real to a Jewish person and open up, perhaps for the first time, to a sensitive presentation of who Jesus really is.

For CMJ our involvement would not have been possible for us if Rev. Ric Smith, our Associate Director in the Southeast had not been willing to shoulder the leadership responsibility for us to be involved. Ric has a deep love for the Jewish people and for the church. We are pleased and grateful to be a part of this work of compassion and witness.


The Rev. Cn. Daryl Fenton

Executive Director


During times of crisis people often feel helpless and alone.  In the past several years we have seen many natural disasters in our country which have left people suffering with the loss of home, belongings, and, sometimes, family.  During these times Church Army steps in to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to those in need.  We do so by helping rehabilitate and recover their lost belongings, but most importantly to communicate the truth that there is someone who cares for them and who has offered His life so that they might be set free from the burden of their sins and have new life in Jesus Christ.

When hurricane Irma hit Florida in September of 2017 Church Army had an opportunity to assist in the recovery efforts.  Through a contact with Ric Smith, a recently reinstated Church Army Officer, and All Souls Anglican Church, Church Army sent a team of the Rev. Greg Miller, Lori Miller, and Mary Edna Thompson to help begin the relief efforts.  This team was a team with experience in disaster relief efforts associated with hurricane Katrina and super-storm Sandy.  Partnering with All Souls and Rev. Smith, who were already on the ground, the Church Army team had an opportunity to survey the damage in the Jacksonville area and begin to set up a base of operations from which relief efforts would continue. 

Under Ric Smith's leadership recovery teams from around the country were able to send teams down to the Jacksonville area to help rebuild homes and lives and to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and in deed.  Those efforts continue today as efforts have moved further south into the Miami area.  Please continue to support those efforts through your gifts and prayers.

The Rev. Greg Miller, Director

The Church Army – USA

P.O. Box 413

Aliquippa, PA  15001


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