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News from Newport

Newport, NC

October 3, 2018

Often when a hurricane hits it causes widespread destruction, especially near the point where the Eye makes landfall. This was the case in Newport, NC, hundreds of trees down, and homes flooded from the surge.

The Rev. David Linka, All Saints Anglican Church in Newport responded to our offer to help early on, when cell reception was spotty as best. All Saints is part of The Anglican Mission in America (AMiA).

Fr. Dave and Jennifer Potts have been very helpful explaining the mood of the community as they begin to dig out from the mountains of debris and ruided furniture.

Jennifer shared:


I cannot impress upon you enough how physically tired and emotionally spent we are.  We look around and don't know where to go first. Here are a few photos I have taken as I have been out in the community.  I have been attempting to contact people on our needs list by phone [but towers are down]. I will have to do some visits tomorrow. 

Trees are still down in people's yards and on their houses. This house was split in 2 by the tree and all that had been done is to remove the tree from the center of the house.

In Christ's love,


We so appreciate Jennifer sharing photos and stories of 30 Members of All Saints Congregation hit hard by Florence! You can see and feel the pain and loss. It is not difficult to appreciate how the community is trying to rally but are feeling overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of the devastation everywhere you look! 

Our commitment to help, mirrors other outreach projects, like in Miami & Conway, SC; we are here to help long-term. We understand Disaster Relief requires years of investment in a community. Our prayer is for many to be drawn to the Lord as they witness the Body of Christ working together giving to the needs of others, as He intended.

This community needs our help. Won’t you pray for All Saints and the residents of the entire county?!

We hope you will also prayerfully consider sending a team for our big weekend thrust scheduled for November 2-5?

May God richly bless you for being a part of His blessing to others. Click the link to Get Involved.

In Christ,


Rev. Capt. Frederic Sterry Smith

Interim President,

1333 Old Dixie Hwy, Suite 5

St. Augustine, Florida  32084

c: 706-329-4553

o: 800-489-7837

“So the believers in Antioch decided to send relief to the Brothers & Sisters in Judea, everyone giving what they could,” Acts 11:29

  • Newport, NC

  • News from Conway

    Fish in the Yards; Mud-outs to Come; A post-hurricane interview
  • Conway, South Carolina

    October 8th, 9th, & 10th

    During my recent trip to Conway I was blown away by the mess and destruction caused from the floods after Hurricane Florence. Growing up in the low country I felt like I was going to see what I would say was typical hurricane damage (trees down, debris everywhere, and some houses that may have had some flooding), Boy was I wrong. Many folks in the community of Conway along the Waccamaw river have lost it all. To listen to people, describe the waiting that took place prior to the water rising gave me chills. They said it took days (3-4) of knowing what to expect before it happened. Most houses in the area affected will need to be completely gutted, floors, walls, insulation, ceilings, duct work, etc.

    I spent my time in a few different homes, removing any thing that were deemed unsalvageable. The work will take months to complete before the rebuild can begin, if it can begin as many folks do not live in a flood zone and there for do not carry flood insurance. I understand that many of these places have never experienced flooding like this before, Trinity Methodist Church for example I was told has never flooded but now is being gutted. This was truly a humbling experience for me, I have never seen such a mess and to be honest it was a little overwhelming.

    The letter and map attached were handed out door to door by the City of Conway to residents in affected areas. I have outlined in Red the general area that my time was spent over the last few days. Driving through it was hard to understand how some of the areas could have flooded, reading this letter and looking at the map made it perfectly clear.

    The faith of this community is HUGE. They have come together in their faith to overcome the storm, from the families that are taking in volunteers from the church (thanks to the Biddle family for letting stay in their home), to churches coming together to help each other’s congregations that are in need. I understand that there continues to be volunteers from the diocese signing up to help these folks, I want to personally thank those volunteers for their efforts.

  • Anglican Disaster Preparedness & Relief

    October 1, 2018

    Dear Teams and Team Leaders;

    The fun is starting! This weekend we are sending out two teams, One in NC and one to Conway…

    Conway, SC

    1. We will send up our 1st team this Wednesday 10/3 – Friday 10/5 (you may stay thru Saturday)

    2. Day team on Saturday 10/6,  Wedding at St Paul’s, we need to be out of parish hall by 8:30 am, no breakfast.

    3. 2nd team to Conway on Monday 10/8 – Friday 10/12 , may stay through Saturday

    4. Saturday 10/13

    We will continue with this pattern until we finish.

    The first phase is Mud Out:

    Pull everything out that is wet, furniture, appliance, clothes, sheet rock, insulation, floor! Clean, then fog house and under home for mold.

    Impact Ministries is coordination the effort, we will forms teams of 10-15 and each team will be given a home (day to 2 days to do)

    We need 2 coordinators for each team to direct the team.

    We can house 30 at St Paul’s Conway and 30 more at Trinity Church in Myrtle Beach if needed.

    Breakfast will be provided by St Paul’s

    Impact Ministries will coordinate homes to work on, box lunch and supper.

    Showers and a place to sleep will be coordinated by St Paul’s

    Bring work clothes, plastic bags to put dirt clothes in, boots/waterproof shoes – no sandals!

    Cot, sleeping bag, air mattress, pillow, sheets, towel

    Insect repellant and sun screen

    Hat, safety glasses, hearing protection. Safety PPE like rubber gloves, dust mask, tyvex suits will be available

    Tools, hammer, crowbar, utility knife, wheel barrows cordless skill saw

    Must be 14 or older, children must have adult supervision.

    Team Leaders, Fill out your volunteer’s information on the volunteer list and send back to Stephen Haynsworth ASAP for the Newport and Conway trips.

    Please ask your Pastors, prayer teams and Bishops to keep all our work in your prayers! Pray for many lives to be touched and many to be led to the Lord as we become His Body in action!

    God’s greatest blessings for all you do and will do in His service!

    In Christ,


    Stephen Haynsworth

    Diocese of SC, Disaster Relief Coordinator

    Director of Operations,

    C\O St John’s Parish, Charleston Office

    PO Box 125

    Johns Island, SC, 29455

    Cell: 843 870 6860

    Office: 800-489-7837

  • Disaster Relief letter prepared for Bishop Lawrence, Diocese of SC

    September 21, 2018

    I’m Stephen Haynsworth, a member of St Johns Parish on Johns Island.

    Last year St John’s Parish wanted to help with a response to hurricane Irma. After some effort we got in touch with Ric Smith, Director of After Christmas St John’s Parish sent a team 5 to Miami to help complete repairs, clean and paint a rectory, (mission house) to use as a base for future teams.

    Since last year Ric and his team from FL & GA, with help from members of St. John’s, started Anglican Disaster Preparedness & Relief (ADPR) a 501c3, not for profit Disaster Relief Organization. We help prepare Anglican Churches for disasters and how to effectively respond after disasters.

    On Tuesday I accepted Bishop Mark Lawrence’s offer to serve as his Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Diocese of South Carolina. Since the hardest hit where in NC I called Andy Breaux Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Diocese of the Carolinas. Andy invited Ric and me to go with him to assess the needs in New Bern, NC.

    On Wednesday 9/19 we headed off for NC with Google Maps and GPS for an 8 hr. adventure to Grace Anglican Church of New Bern. As roads opened and closed due to repairs or rising water with only one detour we arrived about 4pm. The Senior Warden of Grace Anglican, Glenn MacNaught and Fr. Steven Savia (on his 1st day at Grace) met us at Grace Church. We reviewed the needs for establishing Grace as our home base and those of the community. Father Steve agreed to allow our teams to stay at the church. We even bought a stove and installed it in their kitchen!

    On a side note while in Lowes wearing a bright yellow shirt with DISASTER RELIEF TEAM waiting to buy a stove we had an older couple who looked sad. I asked her how they were affected by the storm and she started to cry, as I hugged her she said she thought they would lose everything they had! We talked a little and prayed with them before we left.

    We visited several parishioners and neighborhoods damaged by the surge and wind. They shared their stories of the storm, how neighbors had come together to helped and some of the pain from losing so much. Before leaving we prayed with the families for God’s peace and strength to carry on.

    Thursday morning we visited the New Bern County office to learn the building, zoning and permit requirements and what volunteers VS contractors can do. Our last stop was to see Bp Steven Breedlove of the Diocese of Christ our Hope (ACNA) to see how we could help the damage he incurred and also help their churches near Raleigh-Durham and Lumberton areas. His house and yard had heavy tree damage. Our small scouting team of four jumped right in, started the chainsaw and helped clear his front yard and driveway a bit. His wish is for the Anglican Church in the Carolinas to work together to meet the needs of our communities sharing the love of God and also focus on the poor and heavily damaged area of Lumberton who were still recovering from Hurricane Matthew.

    As we headed out of New Bern we were seeing the water rising in places that where dry yesterday. Google maps, NC DOT and our GPS showed us more and more roads were closing as rivers continued to rise. The Army gave us instructions for a 3 hr. detour to get back to I-140. Finally at 9pm we crossed the mighty Cape FEAR River allowing a fairly clear 4hr ride back to Charleston. Three times we were turned back trying to get to Wilmington turning a 6 hour drive into 13.


    • Florence dropped to a category 1 before hitting and the wind damage is minimal and near open water

    • The rivers are still rising, the flooding of property will be huge.

    • Flood waters will likely not start receding until late next week.

    • We will not be able to send in supplies or crews until roads re-open

    • The people of NC are working hard to clean up and save what they can

    • We need to get in early to clean out flooded homes (mud out) to reduce loss and arrest black mold

    • Stores and businesses are opening up but supplies are minimal and the poorest will not have resources to buy what they need

    • Coordinating all resources between ADPR, and the three Carolina dioceses will be essential to help as many as possible as we share the love of Christ

    What you and your church can do:

    • Visit our Get Involved tab

    • Volunteer to go help for a weekend of a week

    • Support monetarily

    • Collect supplies to fill Care Bags: See the attached needs list

    • We need your Prayers:

    Ask God to touch many lives through hands-on Disaster Relief. Pray for teams to come prepared and ready to serve wherever needed. Pray for all the food, water, disaster relief and cleaning supplies needed to for Phase 1. Pray for funding and teams to come forward to complete the long-term reconstruction needs of Phase 2.

    If you have further questions please send an email to:

    May God bless you and your church as we serve our gracious Lord Jesus together!

    In Christ,


  • Conway Officials: Record flood could hit nearly 1,000 homes and businesses that did not flood during Hurricane Matthew

    By Charles D. Perry 9/17/2018

    • Nearly 1,000 Conway homes and businesses that did not flood during Hurricane Matthew will likely be impacted by Hurricane Florence's flood, city officials said Monday.

    • Conway leaders said the Waccamaw River is expected to break the 2016 record set after Matthew. They expect that water will reach structures that stayed dry two years ago.

    • City administrator Adam Emrick said crews will begin going door to door Tuesday to warn those residents and business owners about the potential for flooding on their properties.

    Bottom of Form

    Charles Perry : I'm the editor of and the Carolina Forest Chronicle, a weekly newspaper in Horry County, South Carolina. I cover county government, the justice system and agriculture. Know of a story that needs to be covered? Call me at 843-488-7236.

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