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Anglican Disaster Prevention & Relief, (ADPR), is an evangelical hands-on missional Registered Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization (Registration #31309) devoted to sharing the Gospel while helping hurricane victims in N. America and the Caribbean.

Just the facts!

Who / What / When / Where / Why

Who: We are an ecumenical Christian hands-on ministry working with & through local Churches and Dioceses.

  • Over 300 volunteers from 12 Dioceses, in 8 states and Canada have helped over 3000 victims of Hurricane Irma to date. For more on this ongoing ministry, now in Phase III, click here: ADPR.faith/Irma

  • Our trained staff stands ready to deploy within hours of a major storm

  • We are Christians who share a common goal and focus of helping those in need in their time of Crisis!


What: Experience dictates when a storm hits most Christians and Churches are generally unprepared, untrained, unwilling or unable to handle or respond to disaster relief; or any combination of these.We are here to help.

ADPR offers Disaster Preparedness and Relief:

  • Knowledge and awareness before the storm can save lives!

  • Storm Updates- Keep up to date on present and future storms

  • Classes in Disaster Preparedness for your church, diocese or conference

  • Does your family have an emergency plan?

  • What is the Evacuation Plan for your church or neighborhood?

  • What about poisonous snakes during and after a storm?

  • How can I learn more about preparedness?

  • Disaster Relief: We are the feet on the ground assisting churches and Dioceses with the help they need after a Hurricane hits their area:

  • Our mission teams and local Christian volunteers are trained by Senior Staff.

Note: Our Director and Asst. Director received Southern Baptist Disaster Relief training, [2nd largest world-wide Disaster Relief program, under Red Cross.]

  • Our Staff and Advisors have served in the ACNA on Disaster Relief for Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Irma, with over 43 years experience in emergency disaster relief.

    Assistant Director Stephen Haynsworth says: “Disaster Preparedness is my passion. When we prepare people for a coming storm we help minimize the damage of disasters in your community. If people are prepared, after a storm they will be more willing and able to help others in need.”

  • We utilize many forms of outreach to assist before, during and through three phases after the storm hits. All relief is in His name as we make His Gospel story known in word and deed.

  • How can I send a team, volunteer or learn more?

  • For information on future storms just add the name of the storm to ADPR.faith, e.g., ADPR.faith/Irma.

  • Our secure website offers, team leaders, staff, area directors, rectors and bishops the ability to log-in and stay in touch with their teams and to direct operations on the ground for multiple storms, simultaneously.

  • Support is raised for the many needs of this multifaceted, not-for-profit ministry including transportation of supplies, and evangelistic outreach. Dozens of ministries, agencies, churches, dioceses and individual donors have contributed in-kind and cash gifts. We are a volunteer organization depending upon the support of Christians, churches, dioceses and other likeminded faith-based organizations. For More Information on how to Get Involved, click here.

We are not a funding agency.


When: 24/7, 365

  • We offer Disaster Preparedness training upon request whenever our team and staff are not tied up offering disaster assistance.

  • We are designing basic online classes in Disaster Preparedness and Relief - free to the public.

  • Our website provides a wealth of information with current storm updates for those in harm’s way. To sign your church up for training or to learn more about Disaster Relief in your area, click here.

  • We offer Disaster Relief for anyone with the scope of this ministry as we are able and as the Lord provides. We prioritize our efforts to major storms utilizing the many forms of outreach described on our website.


Where: We offer hurricane assistance to those in need through the local church, beginning with Anglicans in this country; specifically along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts from Texas to Massachusetts and in the Caribbean.


Why: We follow the example of our Lord Jesus the Christ and the New Testament Church example found in Acts 11:29, So the believers in Antioch decided to send relief to the Brothers & Sisters in Judea, everyone giving what they could,” whether in time, talent or treasure.



More about ADPR:

ADPR is a registered Disaster Relief Ministry in the State of Florida and with the IRS . We are a not-for-profit corporation with a specific ministry focus to assist Disaster Victims as set forth by our Board of Directors. Our Board, Advisory Board and Staff have many years experience with Disaster Relief including Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy.

ADPR is a Christian Ministry of compassion offering help to Hurricane disaster victims.  Our teams are often from Anglican Churches but include Catholic, Protestant, denominational and non-denominational churches from around the country and Canada. We share a common burden to help those in need in their time of crisis. We do all we can from the resources God provides.  We accept donations, in-kind giving and support.

ADPR offers many forms of initial, intermediate and long-term relief including: Prayer for physical, emotional and spiritual needs, emotional grief counseling, healing prayer, care bag ministry, tree & limb removal, flood damage and reconstruction.

We serve anyone affected by a hurricane regardless of beliefs, ethnicity, or social standing. Hurricanes are indiscriminate, so is ADPR. We serve from a place of selfless giving, freely, without expectation following the example of Jesus: We love because he first loved us: 1 John 4:19. Love your neighbor as yourself: Mark 12:30-31.

Our scope: Our initial scope includes Hurricane Disaster Relief on the US mainland and in the Caribbean.

Core values:

  • Prayer: We are first and foremost a ministry of prayer.  We welcome any Christian who would like to pray for this ministry, staff, teams, outreach projects and especially to the lord of the harvest. To sign up for the prayer ministry or serve as a prayer warrior on one of our teams click here.

  • We serve those in need following his example: Matt. 9:36, 14: 14;  Mark 6:34

  • Each gave as he was able for relief of the church in Jerusalem: Acts 11:29,30; 2 Cor. 8:10; Gal. 2:10

  • We believe in providing an opportunity to receive God’s eternal gift to mankind through every form of ministry outreach.

What we believe: We believe  the inerrancy of scripture, the creeds, and the Great Commission: Matthew 28:18-20 . We serve the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, triune God.  See also Statement of Faith.

Partners and Associations: In our first year assisting victims of hurricane Irma we partnered with 11 Anglican Dioceses, one Greek orthodox, one Roman Catholic, Southern and Independent Baptists & many Christians from a wide variety of Bible believing churches.  Over 20 Christian organizations offered help and support including the YMCA, World Relief, Caring Place and HALO. We will work with other organizations of like mind to serve the needs of as many victims as possible.


Select Ministry Photos of Types of Ministry Offered through ADPR:


For more information, to request help, send a team  or make a donation please write us: help@ADPR.faith

Anglican Disaster Preparedness & Relief

July 1st, 2018

Greetings in the Matchless name of our Lord Jesus!

The Ministry and Mission of ADPR is to share the love and saving grace of Christ while helping meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs following a hurricane or disaster. We are an ecumenical Christian Ministry of Compassion working with and through local churches and dioceses. Our two pronged approach offers practical suggestions in preparation for a major storm plus assistance for those in its path of destruction after a Hurricane hits.

Preparation for a storm will save lives & save thousands in repairs to your home and church. We recognize after a major storm many if not most Christians and churches are not prepared, organized and able to care for themselves much less help meet the needs of thousands of neighbors, all victims in crisis. Whether along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts or in the Caribbean; We are here to help.

We believe and live Matt. 25 and John 13:34-35 while doing all we can with existing resources to fulfill Acts 11:27-29. For more please visit About Us and our Statement of Faith.

We work with and through local Anglican churches whenever possible, though our ministry is open to all. We are a not-for-profit organization associated with AGMP; the GAD, Cana East, plus many churches and dioceses in the ACNA, several AMiA churches in FL and several Anglican ministries.

Our first project, IrmaRelief.faith was wildly successful with the help of teams from eight states, twelve dioceses and 35 churches in the US and Canada. Our 300 volunteers were able to help over 3000 victims across the state of FL with the help of Anglicans, Catholics, Baptists, Non-denominational Christians, Methodists, Lutherans & Presbyterians. At the suggestion of Bishop Neil Lebhar, the parent ministry ADPR was created to assist Hurricane victims of future storms.

In addition to partnering with local churches, Christian businesses, private individuals, Christian outreach agencies, relief agencies and homeless centers, IrmaRelief was blessed to partner with: World Relief, Hunger Fight, YMCA, SBC Disaster Relief, Knights of Columbus, the St. Gerrard House- home for unwed mothers, Christian radio and secular talk shows across the state, Ladies’ Choice of FL and NC, Catholic Charities, Church Army-USA, CMJ-USA, CaringPlace.org, YMCA, HALO and FEMA.

Thank you for helping us share the ministry, love and compassion of Jesus Christ with those in need! For more information on how you can get involved please contact us or click Get Involved.

Your Brother in Christ,

Signature of Rev. Cpt. Frederic Sterry Smith

Rev. Cpt. Frederic Sterry Smith
Interim President, ADPR.faith
1333 Old Dixie Hwy, Suite 5
St. Augustine, Florida 32084
c: 706-329-4553
o: 800-489-7837

Mission Statement: Servant’s Heart Disaster Relief prepares, trains and equips local churches in effective techniques and proven methods of hurricane response while providing hands on disaster relief for victims.

Vision Statement: Servant’s Heart Disaster Relief offers real, tangible, hands-on help for hurricane victims in North America and the Caribbean.  We work in and through the local church serving God’s Creation in the midst of a tragedy…  when the need is greatest.  Servant’s Heart staff & teams have a rich history helping those in physical, emotional and spiritual need. 

God’s Church grows when we share by example and in our witness all He has done for us.  As Christians we grow stronger in our faith when we leave our comforts and engage in mission.  Serving on a mission trip will enhance your personal spiritual growth and cultivate a Servant’s Heart as we follow our Lord’s Great Commission, Matt. 28:19-20.

News Feed

Weather Channel

Hurricane Chris Update - Final

At a Glance:
  • Chris became the second hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season in early July.
  • This second hurricane of the season came much earlier than average, by over a month.
  • Chris generated high surf and rip currents along much of the U.S. East Coast.
  • Parts of Atlantic Canada took a final brush from Chris as it became a post-tropical cyclone.

We will continue to monitor Hurricane Chris.

Should we see a significant change or determine that both lives and livelihood may be threatened to our northnern neighbors, ADPR will keep you informed and rally the necessary resources and mission teams.

Weather Channel

Hurricane Beryl downgraded to Tropical Storm says The Weather Channel…

“Given barely enough ocean heat content (sea-surface temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit), low wind shear, and its location south of a plume of sinking, dry air known as the Saharan air layer, Beryl intensified quickly from a tropical depression at 11 a.m. EDT Thursday to a Category 1 hurricane just 18 hours later.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), wind shear has increased and combined with a very dry environment likely causing Beryl to weaken.”

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